Beautifully designed facades of tomorrow

External facades

In the industry, we see many builders building the same home for 15 plus years resulting in thousands of identical looking houses. This can place pressure on the quality of the product as well as the resale value.

Each facade in our Signature Series has been carefully considered to give the home a maximum lifespan. Choose any of the following facades in this range, they are all included at no additional cost. Our home designs are consistently updated on average every 18 months, meaning a home you build today may not be available to build in three years’ time.

Signature Series


Limited Release Series


Signature Series

8.5 Collection

Facade 1 Brae

Facade 2 Vaucluse

Facade 3 Mainridge

Facade 4 Mosman

Facade 5 Hamilton

Facade 6 Toorak

Facade 7 Centennial

Facade 8 Armadale

Facade 9 Balwyn